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Acts on enzymes that worsen psoriasis

Psorolin Ointment – branding & packshot

Psorolin ointment is scientifically proven to reduce the psoriasis conditions. It decreases the dryness and scaling. It also acts on enzymes such as elastase that worsen the psoriasis.

It is clinically proven medicine. It is proven to be safe as per OECD guidelines.


All types of Psoriasis


  • Reduces scaling and inflammation
  • Reduces itching and provides intense moisturization
  • Maintains water-oil (hydro-lipo) balance of Psoriatic skin.

Key Ingredients

Wrightia tinctoria contains triterpenoids, β-amyrin and β-setosterol that treat skin diseases like Psoriasis and dandruff. Possess anti-inflammatory and wound healing activities.

Cynodon dactylon possess wound healing and anti-inflammatory potential. Possess anti-oxidant and immune modulatory effects.


Each 5 gm contains extracts of

  • Wrightia tinctoria : 3.33 %
  • Cynodon dactylon : 3.33 %
  • Ointment base: Q.S.

Usage instructions

Apply Psorolin ointment over the affected areas thrice a day. (Or)

As directed by the physician.

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