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Effective for acne/pimples

Verdura anti acne pack – Branding and packshot

A unique wash off product that clears pimples and reduces associated skin darkening/scars. Clinically tested and scientifically proven efficacy and safety (Clinically proven to be hypoallergenic).

Helpful for acne and post pimple marks


  • Targets microbes which cause pimple
  • Controls Sebum and enhances exfoliation of dead cells
  • Reduces hyper thickened dark skin coloration around the neck
  • Removes skin clogging and occlusion
  • Offers Sun protection and blemish free even toned skin
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for long term use

Usage Instructions

  • Apply sufficient quantity of pack every day over the entire face covering the pimples.
  • Allow it to permeate into skin for 10 minutes. Wash face gently after the pack dries.
  • Use twice a day. Continue usage until pimples completely subside.
  • Once the pimples are cured, use thrice a week on a regular basis.

Key ingredients

Bentonite, Zinc oxide, Calamine, Glycerin, Silicon oil, Salicylic acid,Titanium dioxide, Aloe vera, Ocimum sanctum.

Distinctive ingredients – Distinctive benefits

Ocimum sanctum possess anti-microbial effect and along with zinc oxide     combats pimple causing microbes.
Aloe vera possess anti-bacterial property, hydrating effect and along with Allantoin,
Glycerin offer excellent moisturisation and nourishment to the skin.  
Bentonite, Calamine and Salicylic acid control the sebum and remove the deposition of dead cells.
Titanium dioxide and Calamine offer sun protection.  

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